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Introduction to Ruling Orbit


 Orbit is custom - built for academic communities which fully caters to  the needs of different university departments and institutions. It takes you beyond the conventional content management to further uplifting the user experience to the next level of being interactive, social and shareable! System kernel and data management are built to meet the needs of academic world.


The system is very customizable, extensible and flexible. Various kind of modules, adding functionalities to the system can be installed and uninstalled with ease. On Customer demand, modules can also be crafted which can be integrated comfortably with Orbit. It provides very efficient user management, which no other CMS provides. Admin has a very extensive control over the way the  website should look and who all can contribute to it.


Orbit’s kernel is developed to support many templates, which gives the admin the power to change the look and feel of the entire website with a click of a button. Widget rendering mechanism of Orbit helps to place in-built and module widgets with different layouts anywhere in the site easily. Making it look completely tailor-made fulfilling every requirement and expectations of the admin.


Orbit’s kernel is designed to ensure that the site is SEO and SMO friendly. System automatically inserts related necessary information on every page which can assist engines to crawl the site efficiently without any extraneous efforts by admin.


The users of this system are all the academic community members like teachers, staff, directors and all the visitors to these academic sites.The user roles are clearly defined in this system which helps them to create a network with seamless interactions and group discussions to take place.The system is supported with relevant and effective system modules and plugins.

This platform also provides good navigation paths for the users to work smoothly with the system without any complexity and it understands what all information will be required by the user to perform a particular task.

 The user guide manual’s main objective is to provide comprehensive description of how the system works for the layman to understand effectively.

The manual will be of a great assistance to the admin users to understand the full potential of the system and to understand the entire flow of the system and its working in detail. Explaining effectively to the admin to use their privileges with ease in order to simplify their work load, saving their time and efforts.

The manual is organized in three parts: